Innovative Design

D. Drakoulakis boasts years of experience in the design sector and can always provide the most innovative designs. The company’s human resources include–highly acclaimed professionals including draftsmen, engineers and interior designers whose participation guarantees outstanding results. The people employed by D. Drakoulakis observe research, anticipate and create designs that influence trends, define developments and guarantee business success. They are inspired by people who are in search of originality and truthfulness.

The appropriate interpretation of their needs and desires combined with genuine skill, hard work and extensive experience, constitute an absolutely successful combination of quality and style. It is worth noting that several D. Drakoulakis designs have been used by foreign businesses, while others have been certified by the Organization for Industrial Property. D. Drakoulakis has been awarded the Arch of Europe golden award by the BID (Business Initiative Directions), for its contribution to innovation, quality and technology.

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